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5 Signs That Our Loved Ones Are Always With Us

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

As a psychic medium, I find that people have many questions for their loved ones during their mediumship reading. All of these questions usually pertain to the living person's daily life. Does my dad know about my new baby? Did Grandpa get to see me graduate? What did Mom think of my prom dress? My answer is yes, followed by a swift, "you can always ask them yourself!" They are never as far away as we make them seem.

Because we can't see them or hear them normally, people believe that our loved ones are no longer with us. There's this idea that they have moved on and are up partying or resting in some quaint ethereal zone out of our reach. But in reality, the soul is everlasting. The soul is omnipresent and omnipotent - everywhere and anywhere, with everyone that needs to feel them, all at once. They are never as absent as we make them seem, and never as separate. The soul is everlasting, thus our loved ones are always aware of our daily lives, and have kept tabs on what we've been experiencing. Does that mean they watch us 24/7, creepily? No, absolutely not. It does mean that they are still present for big moments such as weddings, births, deaths, our happy times and even our struggles.

Not having a direct line of physical communication with our loved ones can oftentimes cause distress. If only we opened our minds to the possibilities of communication, then we would truly understand just how much they attempt to communicate with us on a daily basis. All you have to do is simply ask your loved one, out loud or in your mind, to send you signs that they are around. Be open to the many ways you may receive signs of their presence. Below, I've compiled a list of 5 common ways our loved ones try to show us that they are around.

1. Feathers

Many people associate feathers with angels and spirit guides. Angels are high vibrational light beings that are said to work for God or Source, and they are often depicted with large wings. Because of this association, spiritual people often view feathers as a good omen. Seeing a feather on the ground or in a random place after asking your loved one for a sign is confirmation that they are with you.

2. Coins

Another common sign from deceased loved ones is seeing coins in strange places. Coins are small, shiny and easily grab people's attention. This is also something that a lot of grandparents are regularly associated with - the jingling in their pocket. What a great confirmation that Grandpa is around when you see a dime laying in a strange place in your house - you would immediately know it was him. Most loved ones will try to send a sign that you can't overthink!

3. License Plates

This one is my favorite, and I have heard so many incredible stories involving license plates. Because of the randomized numbers and letters, license plates make great signs from loved ones purely for the straightforward message. License plates with letters have the potential to show names, nicknames, or a simple message such as "hello" or "thank you." Numbers can show significance of the loved ones birthday, death day, or repeating angel numbers (444, 333, 222). Again, all you have to do is ask your loved one to send a sign, and then open your mind to the possibilities.

4. Butterflies, dragonflies, etc

Butterflies have often been associated with the other side and in some cultures, people believe that butterflies are the person's soul coming to visit to say goodbye. Any time you see a butterfly, notice if you associate the butterfly's presence with someone you have lost. It may be their way of communicating that they are safe and at peace.

5. Music

One of the easiest and most direct ways of communication, hearing songs on the radio can be an undeniable sign that Spirit is with you in that exact moment. If you are having a hard day and want reassurance from someone that is crossed over, ask them to send you a song on the radio. You can even flip through radio stations. Loved ones may also send you their favorite song when you least expect it - or a song that you associate with them - just to confirm that they are around and supporting you. The possibilities are endless with this one!

All you have to do to begin communicating with your loved ones is to ask them to send you signs. Don't obsess over them, don't overthink them. Release your expectations once you ask, and they will answer. Your loved ones are always around you, supporting you and watching over you. Even if you can't always feel them or see them, their soul carries on and continues to be part of our lives forever.

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