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A one of a kind look at your energetic health and life path

You feel like you're in an energetic funk

You are an entrepreneur wanting to implement a new idea or project, but you're unsure how it'll go

You feel lost in regards to your career, spirituality, or relationships

You have been wanting to make a change, but you're not sure what steps to take or how it will turn out

You want an overview of your energy and path ahead

This 60 minute Zoom session is for you if:

Together, we'll look at your current aura colors and layers.

If there are any energetic blocks, you'll receive practical advice on how to resolve them. This includes a look at your chakras if anything comes up.

Each session is unique to YOU.


Usually, half of the session is spent going over your energy, while the other half is me pulling cards, channeling guidance from your guides, and looking at the path that lies ahead for you.

$225 USD

You will leave this session feeling lighter, happier, and more hopeful about your current life situation and future possibilities

$125 USD

We'll go over as many questions as time allows

You will get straightforward guidance from your guides

You'll get an in-depth overview of your path ahead

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During this 30 minute Zoom session:

During this 30 minute session, we'll cover as many questions as time allows. This session can be as general or as specific as you want it to be.

I'll work with your guides and mine to pull cards for your path ahead.

$99 USD

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In this email reading, you'll receive the following:

Answers to 1-3 psychic questions

You will get straightforward guidance from your guides

You'll get in-depth answers to your questions

For this reading, you can send over 1-3 psychic questions and I will work with your guides to answer them. I will pull cards and interpret them for you.

You will receive a completed reading within 5-7 days. Please be prepared to send a picture of yourself for this reading as it helps me connect to your energy better. When booking, pick any time slot available since it's via email.

Time is always changing, but with this reading, you'll get a snapshot of where you are headed energetically or the energetic overview of the situation you are asking about.

1:1 6 week Mentorship
$799 USD

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Interested in working with Jacque one on one?


"I have not had such a true reading since 2008 when I saw my first psychic. I have seen many since then, but Jacque was the only one who hit literally every nail on the head. I was blown away but what she saw, and the personal things she said on both, the obstacles coming up, and ways to cope/heal myself. She is amazing!"


Lindsey W

Please note: reviews have been taken from Facebook, Instagram DMs, texts and emails with personal information and names removed.

They have been reformatted to be easier to read. I'm required by law to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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