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Unlock Your Spiritual Potential

Are you a beginner intuitive who wants to unlock their abilities, gain confidence in themselves, and connect with their spirit team?

This mentorship program is customized specifically for you to reach your highest spiritual potential, while learning and mastering the basics along the way.

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You will receive...


6 Weeks of 1:1 Intuitive Guidance
** See below an example of the 6 weeks layout **
Please note, this program is designed specifically for your goals. After our first meeting, I will completely custom design a 6-week plan for you.


1-hr Zoom session which includes an aura and chakra scan. I will conduct a spiritual assessment to better understand your gifts. Then, we will go over your specific goals for the next six weeks. After this session, I will design a plan for the remaining weeks.


1-hr Zoom session where I will explain the aura - aura colors, layers, and chakras in detail. I will help explain how to see and read your own aura, plus how to read the auras of living and nonliving objects.

*You will receive a Zoom recording

of this session to keep for yourself


1-1.5 hr Zoom session in which I will teach you cleansing, grounding, and protection techniques to implement over your mentorship.

At the end of the session, I will work with your guides to conduct a remote spiritual activation to help activate your psychic abilities.


1-hr Zoom session to understand the hierarchy of spirit, as well as in-depth information on spirit guides and your spirit team. Towards the end of this session, I will walk you through a meditation to meet your spirit guide(s).


1-hr Zoom session where I will explain meditation - how it effects you, your aura, and your abilities, along with how often you should meditate. We will work together to figure out what meditation techniques work best for you specifically.


1-hr Zoom session to go over the basics of a psychic reading. This includes how to interpret oracle cards, how to feel into information, how to cleanse your space and prep for a reading, as well as do's and don'ts for a successful psychic reading.


**Only 3 spots are currently available**

1:1 Mentorship

Please look for an email within 24 hrs

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